Trotting Red Spotted™ is the permanent home of The Arabian Horse Pages™, Stacey Mayer's Free Online Arabian Horse Coloring Books™, and Free Online Web Graphics™. The original Online Arabian Horse Discussion Forum, with the "Arabian Horse Cafe™", and "Arabian Horse Hot Topics™" was founded May, 1996.

  • April 28, 2010, AWhiteHorse™ releases the first mobile media app (for your cell phone,) about the Arabian Horse, "TheAWhiteHorse™ App".
  • We were the first free online pedigree search for the Arabian horse, six searchable generations, siblings, and strains. (Relational Sheykh Obeyd online database demonstration for the Bahrain WAHO Conference, 1998.)
  • We were the first live, online auction for Arabian horses. (Java enabled, for the Northern CA. Arab Breeders Stallion Service, Fall, 1998.)

We enjoy sharing and illustrating original coloring books for children and the young at heart everywhere.