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Artwork Paired to Support your Charity

One weekend my husband and I were shopping at a local second-hand store, and we spotted a classic poster from the annual Mt Vernon Tulip Festival.

The frame had acquired some scratches, and its colors were fading, but it was a great original poster printed in just the last dozen years or so.

Now the poster was at the end of its normal lifecycle. After raising thousands of dollars when it was originally chosen, now the poster was simply another pretty picture removed from ever again benefitting the event for which it was created.

It still had value to a Tulip Festival poster collector if it could be found by the right buyer in a timely fashion. Admittedly, that would depend upon being discovered in a crowded bin at the second-hand store.

With a community college nearby, it might be spotted by a keen college student. Perhaps it would go to a dorm room, finally. The original event's organization wouldn't see anything of that transaction, and neither would the original artist. 

We know there's a better way.

We dedicate our talents to blending the talents of the artist, the community, and the organization.

We develop NFT-related events and projects for the benefit of promoting artists and non-profit groups over the long term.

We help you to celebrate the artists, whatever their age, location, or genre, via innovative and exciting events.

After years as a volunteer working for local events and eventually curating top-level events for the world map at Google, I am available to assist in promoting your event with our unique art and organizational viewpoint.

Contact me.